An Indifference of Birds

An Indifference of Birds

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Author: Richard Smyth

Publisher: Uniformbooks (2020)

A book on human history—from a bird’s eye view. History isn’t so much about the passage of time as the study of change—how did we get from then to now, from there to here? To write the history of birds and people, you can look at how they’ve changed us, or you can look at how we’ve changed them. This book seeks to do the second thing; this is a book about our place in their history.

“A formidable piece of work. Extremely well written, with a dazzling lexicon and a roadrunner pace that can turn on a sixpence.”

–Tim Dee

“A marvelously unsettling book, reorienting us and opening new perspectives . . . carries us into the strange and humbling timescales and lives of birds, revealing our own history in a startling new light.”

–David George Haskell

“Brilliant . . . It takes the reader along very different paths from those trodden by other nature-oriented contemporaries. I whole-heartedly commend it, and the author, for the quality of his writing, the clarity of his thought, and his passion for those indifferent birds.”

–Mark Wilson, British Trust for Ornithology