Lines of Flight

Lines of Flight

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Author: Madhu H. Kaza

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse (2024)

Taking a turn from the poetics of Édouard Glissant into the realm of flowers, mountains, and history, Madhu H. Kaza’s essay wanders through a landscape of translation shaped by delight in error. Lines of Flight follows echoes and associative logics across cultures and eras, from Ancient Greece to thirteenth-century Japan to sixteenth-century Mexico to our own time, in an attempt to unfix translation and dwell in the ongoingness of language.

This pamphlet is part of UDP’s Sentimental Ed series. Sentimental Ed publishes theoretical texts (including scholarly and research-based work) that enact their arguments through the poetics of text, the materialities of book design, and other experimental forms of theory-in-practice. In solidarity with scholars and thinkers that resist demands for objectivity and views-from-nowhere, this series offers a space for experimental scholarship that is rigorous, speculative, intersectional, playful, personal and relational.