No Land in Sight (Hardcover)

No Land in Sight (Hardcover)

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Author: Charles Simic

Publisher: Knopf (2022)

Leading us into a city stirring with gravediggers and beggars, lovers and dogs, Charles Simic returns with a brilliant collection full of his singular wit, dark humor, and tenderheartedness. In poems that are often as spare as they are monumental, he captures the fleeting moments of modern life—peering inside pawnshop windows, brushing shoulders with strangers on the street, and walking familiar cemetery rows—to uncover all the beauty and worry hiding in plain sight.
As the poet reflects on a lifetime’s worth of pleasure and loss, he recalls instances when he “made excuses and hurried away,” and considers the way memory always trails just behind. No Land in Sight is a testament to all we leave in our wake and, simultaneously, all we hang on to: the passing minutes, the evening’s stillness, and the many lives we inhabit in dim thresholds and bright mornings alike.

“Charles Simic is one of America’s most celebrated poets—and we’re lucky to have him . . . His subject matter [in No Land in Sight] is often dark, but his wry tone complicates every haunting poem.”

–Ron Charles

“This latest offering from Simic features his signature impish, uncanny take on metaphysics. As he contemplates memory, death, and the detritus of daily life, Simic makes the world itself his interlocutor, projecting his imagination onto the inanimate and in-between.”

–The New Yorker