49 Venezuelan Novels

49 Venezuelan Novels

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Author: Sebastian Castillo 

Publisher: Bottlecap Press (2021)

Sebastian Castillo’s 49 Venezuelan Novels is a magical book of unique and surreal micro-fiction with a new story on every page. Full of depth and imagination, Castillo uses imagery in a simple yet intense way. From stories of fish markets to spiteful violins, it almost seems that these novels are snippets of family stories long passed down, just now put to paper. With the nature of a born storyteller, Sebastian Castillo provides readers with gorgeous stories.

"Sebastian Castillo's micro-fictional assemblages invoke a logical illogic wherein nothing is untrue or impossible, secrets have secrets, and any sentence can change the world. 49 Venezuelan Novels is a magical, medicinal mini-encyclopedia for our ongoing human rune."

-Blake Butler

"Like singing while swinging upside down from monkey bars over an open volcano."

-Mark Leidner

"This is not a joke. There really are 49 Venezuelan novels here. I have read them many times and learned more on each occasion. It has been a pleasure. I strongly recommend this book to you and your family. Sebastian Castillo has given us a gift within these pages."

-Lucy K. Shaw