Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux

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Author: Iván Argüelles

Publisher: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2014

"Fiat Lux is Iván Argüelles’ Odyssey through all human history and literature, as well as through the kaleidoscope of his own life memories.... Portions of Fiat Lux soar as high as any American poetry since Pound's Pisan Cantos."

Fred Bauman

"Fiat Lux is most of all about language, the great gibberishes out of which creation and languages come, and the Law of Time..."

Sharon Doubiago 

"One can read in Fiat Lux an epic poem as it might be dreamed; or perhaps the dream of a culture in which the epic consciousness has been repressed, yet endlessly renews just beneath the skin of thought, in endless metamorphosis, pursuing mortal pleasure....In this world where Chronos is playful, Freud has shacked up in Pythia, one reads our culture's fevered dreams as oracles and symptoms. These prophetic anxieties are a babel of stories, of voices, of worlds, they are the fragments of languages, scattered like shattered beer bottles or amphorae along the highway."

Olchar E. Lindsann