Out of Mind & Into Body

Out of Mind & Into Body

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Author: [ɥɐɹɐs] Cavar

Publisher: Ethel Zine (2022)

[ɥɐɹɐs] Cavar is a PhD student, writer, and transgender-about-town, and serves as managing editor at Stone of Madness Press and founding editor at swallow::tale press. Author of two chapbooks, A HOLE WALKED IN (Sword & Kettle Press) and THE DREAM JOURNALS (giallo lit), they have also had work in Electric Literature, The Offing, Bitch Magazine, and elsewhere. Cavar navel-gazes at cavar.club and tweets @cavarsarah.

"The ghost of Foucault hovers in the corner of these poems, which defy their own discipline as they reach toward something more. Sarah Cavar’s aching meditation on the challenges of inhabiting a body is also a stirring and serious account of what it means to be a patient, and to patiently await —no, to demand—a 'getting better' that goes beyond the body and the self."

-Megan Milks

"If we consider poems to be onion peels all here burn to the core of the reader’s flesh. Out of Mind & Into Body by Sarah Cavar is a chapbook that delivers hard truths about Madness, hospitalization, sickness, identity. and how others and the Other discover the body (of the narrator). Poems here drum on in staccato or fast beats all the while stinging with 'prayers in drag'."

-Rachael Crosbie

"Out of Mind & Into Body tears through the medicalized trappings of social embodiment with analytical precision. From examining the ways in which doctors pry through autistic minds to unraveling the feminine coding of a fainting couch, Cavar leaves no diagnostic harm left unquestioned. Readers, be warned: this is a book for the faint of heart and audaciously limp of wrist. With their third stunning chapbook release in under a year, Cavar asserts themselves as an incomparable force across genres and forms. 'what does it mean when i stand naked revealing you, nothing.'”

-Fox Auslander