Two Bolts

Two Bolts

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Author: Matt Broaddus

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse (2021)

Fractured and wandering, Two Bolts explores the experience of Black diaspora as a circulatory process. Bodies move toward and away from history, myth, and various “imagined communities,” to borrow the term from Benedict Anderson. These poems swing between continents and times in fragmented couplets that lyrically craft a cosmology out of pieces. The speaker finds and loses multiple selves in the breaks and enjambments of Black life as Broaddus experiences it. Together, the poems sound the weird currents of place and belonging.

"These poems are a celebration of, and maybe a map to, the Imagination."

–Matthew Rohrer 

"Broaddus's poetry has the structure of light. History and the individual's place are both both wavy and particulate. The way this poet encapsulates history actually casts it all around like suspended confetti that the speaker and reader move through. Absolutely electric."

–Jessica Lanay