Tarot de Marseille Camoin-Jodorowsky Mini Deck

Tarot de Marseille Camoin-Jodorowsky Mini Deck

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Artists: Alejandro Jodorowsky and Philippe Camoin

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (2019)

78-card deck measures approximately 1.7" x 3.1".

Based on years of research with the goal of creating the definitive Tarot de Marseille, this deck is a labor of love that possesses fine details and the passionate workmanship of Philippe Camoin—last heir to the centuries-old legacy of Marseillan cardmakers—and acclaimed artist and tarotist Alejandro Jodorowsky. Printed by master printer Philippe Camoin at the House of Camoin, which has been printing tarot cards in Marseille since Nicolas Conver's famous deck began production in 1760, this premium deck is a treasure for readers and collectors.

Practitioners will also appreciate Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa's book The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards, also available in our shop.