Frontier: A Graphic Design Education Reader

Frontier: A Graphic Design Education Reader

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Editors: Bryn Smith, Leigh Mignogna, LKiz Seibert Turrow

Designers: L=L Studio (Leigh Mignogna, LKiz Seibert Turrow, and Drew Litowitz)

Publisher: AIGA (2016)

A publication that collects together essays and texts that reflect on the future of graphic design education. 

With topics ranging from graphic design history in the design studio; to a typography course based on computer programming; deep learning in design education; funding; design writing; healthy creative processes; physical computing and design; virtual reality; and much more.

A series of open letters from designer/educator/author Juliette Cezzar—an essay in four parts—shares a series of reflections and thoughts on the current state of graphic design education in the United States.

Other contributors include Helen Amstrong, Meaghan Barry, Lilian Crum, Jack Henrie Fisher, Matt Greenwell, Derek Ham, Jonathan Hanahan, Dae In Chung, Zach Kaiser, Jiwon Lee, Jay Margalus, Dan McCafferty, Rachele Riley, Sarah Rutherford, Joshua Singer, Alan Smart, Dimitry Tetin, Aggie Toppins, and LeAnne Wagner.

Produced from content submitted to the AIGA Design Educators Conference in Montana in 2016, co-organized by Meta Newhouse (professor in graphic design at Montana State University) and Colin Frazer (founder of Common Language and The Service Bureau).