BOMB Magazine #159 (Spring 2022)

BOMB Magazine #159 (Spring 2022)

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Editor: Betsy Sussler

Publisher: BOMB (2022)

Contributors: Aakash Mittal, Bruce LaBruce, Arun A.K., Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Rhian Sasseen, Jason Diamond, Kayode Ojo, Neema Githere and Ethel Tawe, Travis Millard, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Sabine Russ, Daniel Poppick, Carmen Maria Machado, Aidan Koch, Dolan Morgan, Rivera Garza, Frederic Tuten, Emily Raboteau, Chris Knapp, Douglas Kearney, Ada Limón, Nam Le, and Brendan Fernandes

In BOMB’s spring issue, John Darnielle examines the “weird primordial chaos” of the creative process with Carmen Maria Machado, Jennifer Sirey sculpts bacteria into living architecture, Neema Githere and Ethel Tawe explore how Afropresentism can propel diasporic artists into the future, and Emily Raboteau looks back to the 2020 New York City exodus. Plus, theater and protests in Paris, a dance score inspired by the natural world, and an essay on how comics can spur environmental justice.