What Runs Over

What Runs Over

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Author: Kayleb Rae Candrilli

Publisher: YesYes Books (2017)

Born from the isolation of rural Pennsylvania, a life of homeschooling, and physiological and physical domestic abuse, What Runs Over, a memoir in verse, paints “the mountain” in excruciating detail. In a sequence of vignettes, What Runs Over, is a book length nonlinear narrative of a rural life. The whole created is a world of canned peaches, of Borax-cured bear hides, of urine filled Gatorade bottles, of the syringe and all the syringe may carry. What Runs Over is a world of violence and its many personas. It is a story of rural queerness, of a transgender boy almost lost to the forest forever.

Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Transgender Poetry