A Voice to Perform: One Opera / Two Plays

A Voice to Perform: One Opera / Two Plays

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Author: Carla Harryman

Publisher: SplitLevel Press (2001)

A Voice to Perform is:

"Hannah Cut in": Assembled in time-bound segments, each derived from the idea of interruption in the writings of Hannah Arendt, this play was created for a Poets Theater event at the University Art Museum, Berkeley, 2017.

"Memory Play": A two-act, multifaceted conceptualization of memory-as-performance proffered by personified creature and instructions, a child, and a Miltonic Humiliator toy.

"Gardener of Stars, An Opera": A duo, a trio, a quartet, an ensemble, this work adapts Harryman's experimental novel, GARDENER OF STARS "paradise and wastelands of utopian desire."

Video performance from the book.