Notes on the School for Temporary Liveness

Notes on the School for Temporary Liveness

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Editor: Lauren Bakst

Publisher: Wendy's Subway (2020)

This publication gathers reflections on and responses to The School for Temporary Liveness. Taking place for one week in Philadelphia in the fall of 2019, the event brought performances, workshops, talks, conversations, and new formats for study together within the poetic frame of a school. Notes on the School for Temporary Liveness includes contributions by Lauren Bakst, Jon Baldwin, Donna Faye Burchfield, Thomas F. DeFrantz, VK Preston, Rebecca Schneider, Andrew J. Smyth and Connie Yu. Their reflections offer glimmers of what the School for Temporary Liveness was, and have embedded within them tools and inquiries for ongoing collective study.

The School for Temporary Liveness is an ongoing experiment in the conditions of possibilities for collective study within and alongside dance and performance. How might we, via the collective performance of a school, propose and enact other models of living in, and with, the world? There have been two iterations to date —Volume One and Volume Twoboth of which were extensions of the School of Dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. 

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