Restoring Prairie

Restoring Prairie

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Author: Margaret Rozga

Publisher: Cornerstone Press (2024)

"This a weighty, but often witty, collection of new poems by Margaret Rozga in which she invites us to walk the restored Waterville prairie with her through the great cycle of seasons and it becomes, for the reader, an unimaginable enjoyment. There are poems of the natural world and its green grace, but there are also poems of loss, of the death of family and friends that take their place alongside the history of prairie loss and restoration. She says, 'When grief re-awakens / you feed it.' The prairie becomes a sanctuary, a safe place that seems both outside time but also of it. And as we heal the prairie, we are also healing our hearts. Her poems give memory to all the particulars: the bee, the seed, the grasses and golden honey. And through them we are there, too."

Cary Waterman