From Nature (with Broadside)

From Nature (with Broadside)

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Author: Alan Bernheimer

Publisher: Cuneiform Press (2019)

"Grounded in vernacular and yet displacing it, Alan Bernheimer makes poetry that is somehow aphoristic, surreal, and down to earth. 'Speaking / in the language of things,' From Nature revels in the present: what can be said in it and with it, without permitting the future to 'spoil the present.' These poems seem to float on the surface of language, which is after all where we spend most of our time. The prose is as rhythmically propulsive as the poetry is honed and full of bright coinages ('beautilities' anyone?). From Nature is a 'travel size heartthrob' where 'it feels great being anyplace' because anyplace is where Alan Bernheimer makes poems out of sheer air."

–Alli Warren

“'Philosophy should come out to play,' says Alan Bernheimer—and in From Nature, it does. What I want to know is how poems can be both so angst-laden and so buoyant. These poems seem like a record of what one notices while falling from such a height that free fall is indistinguishable from floating. They show how we might give up ownership of words/experiences while wondering 'if any of these places are open for breakfast.'”

–Rae Armantrout