Genet at Mettray: Selected Plays of Dennis Moritz

Genet at Mettray: Selected Plays of Dennis Moritz

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Author: Dennis Moritz 

Publisher: United Artists Books (2018)

"What theatre! You can feel the breath of his words on your face. You can hear these words chewing. Fabric and dream fly at you. Moritz's stinging pressurized head-on, jumping-jellybean, rose-dropping, light-switching language takes you hostage."

–Maureen Owen

"This collection houses the source code for two generations of avant-garde performing arts. It will be utterly impossible to take seriously any future theatre historiography that does not put forth a sustained and intense discussion of Dennis Moritz."

–Robert Craig Baum

"Dennis Moritz holds hand to ear and listens to the sounds people make in secret. His words are motion, emotion, they embrace the inner consciousness and whirl it about."

–Libby Emmons