Goodbye Tissues

Goodbye Tissues

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Author: Deborah Meadows

Publisher: Shearsman Books (2009)

Deborah Meadows' Goodbye Tissues constructs a conduit connecting the sharpened margins of the cleaved world. Whose voice can converse with her 'speech's speech' emitting from the inward-spiral of security and denial—a place of 'toxic outflow beyond fruitful bounty'? Meadows posits a 'poetational' reply—one that is urging both a hyperrational poetic thought and identification with an a-national community. An intensely thoughtful and thought-provoking investigation, Goodbye Tissues leads the reader away from no-thought discourse ('intelligence as it's called') into response-ability ('A thing should be repaired by the one who made it . . .') and toward possibility where "part of its essence acquires another, other . . or something between them."

–Diane Ward