Haute Surveillance

Haute Surveillance

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Author: Johannes Göransson

Publisher: Tarpaulin Sky Press (2013)

"Maybe I should try to wake up. Maybe I should try and forget about Father Voice-Over. Maybe I should try and look away—but I can't. 'News organizations are setting up temporary stations in the mansion. When do you expect the Black Man to show up, one reporter asks me. I'm wearing a new suit, which was made in China, by a Chinese child listening to a mechanical bird tell them about Art.' Göransson's Haute Surveillance is so riveting, so fiercely imagined, so febrile and alive to the violence of our moment, so passionate—its images unbidden, its narrative a continual surprise. It's a work so filled with invention and wit and ferocity that I was compelled to read it, at times against my will, mesmerized, enthralled."

–Carole Maso