The House

The House

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Author: Jane Unrue 

Publisher: Burning Deck (2000)

A woman wanders from room to room, or ventures outside, and throughout the ensuring procession of locations, ruminations, or dreams, is transported into the past, or to a love affair, or a marriage, or into the future, or to an ending, perhaps her own.

“Quietly plumbing the intimacies of architecture, landscape, and domesticity, Jane Unrue’s debut, The House, develops a muted intensity through serial blocks of meditative prose… Displaying the influence of writers as diverse as Wittgenstein, Bachelard, Charles Olson, and Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Unrue successfully forges an evocative approach that could be seen as metacubist in its dizzying, varied takes of the familiar world.”

–Publishers Weekly