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Author: Tomaž Šalamun

Translators: Jeffrey Young and Katarina Vladimirov Young

Publisher: Black Ocean (2016)

The penultimate work from renowned Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun, Andes was written less than three years before his death in 2014. Together, the poems of Andes are an exceptional and unusual journey that confronts both life and death across diverse continents, peoples, cities, languages, and histories. In his eulogy for Šalamun, the Slovene poet Miklavž Komelj said: "Šalamun achieved this highest level, where the real question regarding his poetry isn't what someone thinks of it, or if someone likes it or not, but solely, if we are able to endure it or not." Like life and the human condition itself, these poems are at times challenging but also absurd, celebratory, and ecstatic—and completely worth it.