The Inside of an Apple

The Inside of an Apple

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Author: Joshua Beckman

Publisher: Wave Books (2013)

Joshua Beckman is at his most immediate and attentive in The Inside of an Apple. His sincere, spare poems place the reader within the personal space of the author from inside his apartment to the mountains. From this perspective, the reader experiences a revelation of consciousness and a surprising generosity of spirit.

"These are poems that work gently, respectfully, insistently, almost reverently around the incommunicable. They do this without giving up on communicating something important."

–Dan Alter

"Beckman's one of my favorite living poets—unsoiled as he is by trends and camps. He walks in stride with Whitman and Niedecker and Ginsberg somehow, without sounding like a throwback full of archaisms or faux wit."

–Joshua Marie Wilkinson