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Author: Denise Low

Publisher: Red Mountain Press (2015)

Jackalope in Denise Low's trickster stories is a 21st century figure as real as Bigfoot. Part antelope and part rabbit, this denizen of the grasslands has a Twitter account and a trusty road car. He loves Native American tales as well as Old West adventures. Jack's social life includes encounters with Roswell aliens, Jayhawks, and Chupacabra (Goat Sucker). Bawdy humor is Jackalope's lifeblood, so join Jack as he (or sometimes she) savors urban legends and juniper-based martinis.

"Jackalope recounts the seriocomic encounters of a Native American trickster who travels through a world that's 'part factual and part mythological, just like everything else.' In the 'intergender' Jackalope/Jaqalope Kelley's picaresque sojourns in bars (mostly), truck stops, and galleries, history meets tall tale, dream and vision worry the mundane, and humor functions as a salve for wounds of the long-oppressed. Here is a multi-faceted and incisive look at America from the viewpoint of its indigenous people and spirits."

–William Trowbridge