Kenneth Rexroth and James Laughlin: Selected Letters (Hardcover)

Kenneth Rexroth and James Laughlin: Selected Letters (Hardcover)

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Authors: James Laughlin and Kenneth Rexroth

Editor: Lee Bartlett

Publisher: W. W. Norton (1991)

"Frankly―H. Miller was defended by me only because he spoke against the War, and I think that was the main reason for his fame. Now―I do not believe, what with Palmistry, Chirography, Phrenology, and the Great Cryptogram, he will survive the retooling period. I honestly think he is the most insufferable snob I have ever met―but all reformed pandhandlers are like that.…" –A letter from Kenneth Rexroth to James Laughlin

Correspondence between author Rexroth, a "presiding figure of the San Francisco Renaissance," and publisher Laughlin, spanning forty years. Introduction, notes on the text, select bibliography, index. Errata sheet laid in.