The Last Generation: Prose & Poetry

The Last Generation: Prose & Poetry

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Author: Cherríe Moraga

Publisher: South End Press (1999)

A classic work by award-winning author Cherríe Moraga, The Last Generation is an electric mix of prose and poetry that continues conversations started in the beloved books This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color and Loving in the War Years: Lo que nunca pasó por sus labios. Highly politicized and intensely personal, Moraga's work dares to imagine the mythic nation Queer Atzlán: a brave vision for gender, sexuality, race, art, nationalism, and the politics of liberation. Moraga crosses literary genres to ruminate on the paradox of being at once inside and outside the myriad struggles and communities—interlocking and often at odds—that spur her art and activism. Speaking from her experience as a queer Chicana activist/artist, Moraga is committed to building a broad politic of solidarity and justice for all dispossessed people.

With fierce honesty and incisive political analysis, Moraga offers more than an inspiring portrait of the struggle of an activist artist—she helps us see the world as it is and dream it up anew.