A Little Rain, a Little More

A Little Rain, a Little More

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Author: Ron Czerwien 

Publisher: Bent Paddle Press (2018)

Czerwien writes the strange familiar and the familiar strange. Snowflakes, owls, fathers, loves, premonitions; familiar but new. These poems surprise. They are conversations with friends you always knew you had but never knew you had. Poems of close attention; poems from that place poets go and bring back something entirely their own. Pull up your wing chair, sit awhile at this window on the world.

“This is a wonderful new chapbook, ...full of feeling and elegy, language and play!"

–Robin Chapman

"[This] book is graceful, sad, strange and beautiful. Attending as carefully to things of language as to the observed world, the acuity of these poems is matched by their formal economy. Everything’s essential."

–Andy Gricevich