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Garrett Kalleberg

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Press (2009)

"A slim poetic catalog of weights and measurements, Malilenas examines how we impose order through routine quantifiers—from binary code to cellular biology, from calendars to stock markets, from gender to semiotics—and yet how artistic expression and human connections transcend order."

James Cihlar

"Numbers slide promiscuously around in these poems, emboldening the fundamental ways in which we have relations with counting (accounting for): bodies, monies, words, selves. Kalleberg's work embodies a science of many, and the indivisible hangs out in it, too, as fabulous, energetic, funny and full of pathos as Cesar Vallejo, hitting us in our pecuniary pocket, if the wallet were a thing we wore on our hearts."

–Eleni Sikelianos