Patriarchy Blues

Patriarchy Blues

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Author: Rena Priest

Publisher: MoonPath Press (2017)

"Rena Priest addresses those who crave 'the meat of beasts with beets and leeks.' And while she insists that 'Nature makes you pay,' her poems tell us that through a 'wistful song of sighs.' The world is not always comfortable, but her poems never 'lose touch with the fluidity of the spirit.' Patriarchy Blues is an amazing collection."

–James Bertolino

"Dedicating this collection of poetry to the 'subterranean homesick matriarchy,' Priest juxtaposes safety with risk, fluidity with stability, and the stinging pink of a slapped cheek with someone who’s feeling blue...Pungent observations and skillful use of language abound in Patriarchy Blues.”

–Barbara Lloyd McMichael