Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

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Author: Paul Martínez Pompa

Publisher: Momotombo Press (2006)

“Paul Martínez Pompa’s poems sizzle like Chicago on a sticky August night […] Paul’s longer poems are walking stories—some have wheels on them.  His shorter ones are the quick punches of a young and talented boxer whose ring is the white blank page […] In Pepper Spray images conspire to wreck havoc on the brain. A lyrical train ride. Palabras mañosas y peligrosas. You can go through hundreds of contemporary poems written today and not find any crawling this terrain […] I’m talking about poems that are scarred, bloody, horny, hungry, and pissed.  Don’t just read them once. Visit them several times. Some come at you sideways. When you least expect it. Sucker punching their way to existence. Can someone get beaten up by poems? I think I just have.”

–Luis J. Rodríguez

“Paul Martínez Pompa’s Pepper Spray illustrates how overtly political poetry can be written without any reliance on stereotypical language or placard-isms; rather, Pompa precisely defines the world we far too often turn away from with satiric humor mixed with a polite but firm slap in the face.”

–Robert Vasquez