A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun

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Author: Lewis Warsh

Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil (2010)

"Poet and novelist Warsh braids together multiple perspectives with a surgeon's dexterity throughout six brilliantly deconstructed, high action stories. In the opener, 'The Russians,' Warsh's razor sharp attention to detail creates a startling sense of intimacy with the characters: Irene is brutally raped and murdered while her friend Marina is bound to a chair. Portraits of the women as lovers in Russia emerge in tandem with the conflicted erotic relationship that develops between Marina and the detective who rescues her. Another highlight is the titular story, 'A Place in the Sun,' which brings iconic figures of Hollywood's golden years into stark contrast with their respective legends. Elizabeth Taylor falls in love with Monty Clift when they star together in the film of the title. Despite his drug addiction, Monty takes his profession very seriously while Liz's naïve vanity will not allow her to fathom that any man could reject her, or that Monty could be interested in others—men included. Warsh's sense of immediacy adds power to a book in which the storylines and the clean precise prose are equally riveting."

–Publisher's Weekly

"A deeply engrossing book.... A Place In The Sun beautifully combines the high action and salaciousness of page-turners, with the self-reflection and risk-taking of post-modern fiction. It’s a must-read and a must-study."

–Renee Gladman