The Red Window

The Red Window

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Author: Marianne Aweagon Broyles 

Publisher: West End Press (2008)

In these poems, Marianne Broyles acknowledges the historic oppression of Native Americans and other peoples, tracking the painful consequences. She also focuses on the resilience and surviving spirit of the people themselves, however wounded. The poems reflect her effort to comprehend the world while seeking to improve it. In "Estate Sale" and "Bettie Dunback Does Not Rest Here," she evokes the desperate struggle of people close by us to hold on to their identities despite the forces of death and dissolution. In "The Son of God" and "Mecca from Our Garage" she sees a similar struggle for dignity among those we take to be outsiders. In "Crossing Lake Eufaula," she suggests that an awareness of history may help us to correct false perceptions. Mild in manner but clear in statement, she offers a strong cure: confronting tribulation and sorrow, she finds cause for empathy, service, and hope.

"Marianne Aweagon Broyles' poems have both depth and freshness. . . . The Red Window is a first collection that shows heart, sophistication, and metaphoric connection. It does the true work of poetry."

–Miriam Sagan