The Riot Grrrl Thing

The Riot Grrrl Thing

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Author: Sara Larsen 

Publisher: Roof Books (2019)

"To read The Riot Grrrl Thing is to participate in what is, and can only be, the Riot Grrrl Thing—a condition of vivacious unlimiting. The brilliant Sara Larsen knows that thing firsthand; I can only know it imaginatively, linguistically, and in awed recognition of its exuberant, and it would seem ancient, power. Sappho did the Riot Grrrl Thing, and she was not the first, nor will Kathleen Hanna or Janis Joplin or Kathy Acker be the last. Every bad-assed magnificent spirit refusing to serve as amusement or servant does the Riot Grrrl Thing as she rambunctiously plies incessant skepticism and supplies wild altruism. Larsen's book is pissed off, playful, excessive, erudite, and free. Read it and feel the whole of it."

–Lyn Hejinian