Rooms: New and Selected Poems of Diane Glancy

Rooms: New and Selected Poems of Diane Glancy

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Author: Diane Glancy

Publisher: Salt Publishing (2005)

Rooms is a collection of new and selected poems by Diane Glancy. The rooms are spaces from previous collections—spaces influenced by memory and the pull of the past on the present. This collection of poems walks a line between balance and imbalance and struggles for an alignment of fragmented experiences. It tries to put into perspective the disparities of survival. It seeks to reconcile history and a broken heritage that results from a collision of cultures.

These poems, written from 1986-2004, include work from earlier collections, The Relief Of America, The Shadow's Horse, Stones For A Pillow, (Ado)Ration, Boom Town, Lone Dog’s Winter Count, Iron Woman, One Age In A Dream, Offering, and a chapbook, Coyote’s Quodlibet.

"Diane Glancy’s Rooms is a masterpiece of poetic clarity and 'abstraction': the clarity of belonging, of totemic relationship with land, animals, environment, and the spirituality of her people, but also the abstractions of Western thought that’s brought its aesthetic removals from what is. Glancy is a highly sophisticated poet of 'both' worlds, of different heritages, but her Cherokee nation and responsibility call through all else —heritage becomes more than a storehouse of language and stories, it becomes the essence of language and belonging. This is a revolutionary work."

–John Kinsella