Something for Everybody

Something for Everybody

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Author: Anselm Berrigan

Publisher: Wave Books (2018)

For consciousness the world is décor: sentences cast about
For bodies in the exuberant wobble factory Q-Bert believes
In me in the dark to pass out and check yourself out gliding
By storefront windows searching for a feeling no one’s felt
In the last twelve seconds lathered with coeval nightmare
Rhetoric of sociable extinction bashful as a wraith eking out
A line of image extract to sprinkle on a plenty reeling mind. . .

Anselm Berrigan’s eighth collection of poems, Something for Everybody, is exactly as its title describes. Wide-ranging in forms, densities, and aesthetics―and written from numerous collaborations, prompts, and influences―these poems express poetry’s astonishing possibilities. At the same time, they evince this singular poet’s consciousness in the here and now, as a family and community member looking at the seams of public life.