Sound Scent & Light: Poems & Essays

Sound Scent & Light: Poems & Essays

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Author: Edward John DiMaio

Publisher: The Face of May (2002)

The cover and pages are made of flecked papers in warm earthy tones. The original art work for the cover is pen and ink drawn in the style of a wood block print. That same style is carried into the body of the book by columns of ivy that frame each set of pages. Together these design features make this a beautiful and thoughtful venue for the author’s poetry.

"Through Edward's poetry, we can turn a spotlight upon the shadows in the crevices of our memories."

–Peter Dizozza 

"DiMaio reveals the poignant intertwining of our human-ness with nature, spirit, and possibility. 'So many beautiful words and images'."

–Erika Luckett