The Source

The Source

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Author: Noah Eli Gordon

Publisher: Futurepoem Books (2011)

Part theoretical treatise on the ethics of origination, part assemblage-art investigation of the dissemination of public knowledge, The Source is a book-length conceptual essay, a polemic in defense of constrained bibliomancy and ambient research as authentic means to illuminate truth in all its messy vectors.

"Stretches a permeable skin around ruptured repositories of human thought-structures while sustaining itself, and us, on a nutritive broth of glorious language plunder...Kabbalist numerology, and exquisitely attuned appropriations."

–Kim Rosenfield

". . . a worried delight, a long and volatile tribute to the divinity of inspiration (the source of poems), the God of the monotheistic religions (the source of life) and the amoral center of worldly power (the source of money, fame and physical force)."

–The Nation

"Not only is The Source a major literary statement for our post-secular age, but it is also a necessary intervention in the current poetics of conceptualism."