There You Are: Interviews, Journals, and Ephemera

There You Are: Interviews, Journals, and Ephemera

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Author: Joanne Kyger

Editor: Cedar Sigo

Publisher: Wave Books (2017)

Finalist for the 2018 Firecracker Award in Nonfiction
Finalist for the 2018 Northern Californian Book Award in Poetry

The inaugural book of Wave's new interview series, There You Are combines forty years of interviews, letters, poems, and journals to present a narrative of the remarkable poet Joanne Kyger, who has intersected with the most influential movements of late twentieth-century poetry, yet has remained rooted in her daily practice with a forthright attention to our present moment.

"This collection offers a revealing addition towards comprehending the wide range of influences and enchantments informing Kyger's practice as a poet... The several interviews collected in this volume capture Kyger at different moments along the path of her lifetime, providing, overall, an account of an existence lived intentionally, simply, thoughtfully and non-materialistically; an existence especially attuned to local ecology, and attention to, and deep appreciation for, a poetic articulation of the daily commonplace."

–Colin James Sanders

"One reads in her work great extremes of feeling, in which the scorpionic energies struggle to break though the casual forthrightness of her line, even as the steadiness and certainty of another day and another poem animate the drama of reading each poem next to the other."

–Jared Stanley