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Author: Dorothea Lasky

Publisher: Wave Books (2012)

If only I had been born
A fish
Instead of a monster

Go, brave and gentle reader, with Dorothea Lasky to the purple motel / where the bird lives. Go with her, as you have willingly gone down the dark passages before, with her bare-faced poems for guidance. Thunderbird’s controlled rage plunges into the black interior armed with nothing but guts and Lasky’s own fiery heart as guide.

"In lines that remind me of the way William Carlos Williams insisted that only the imagination gives us access to reality, Lasky's poems evoke a practice of living, as bloody and awful and lovely as living can ever be."      

–Julia Bloch

"These poems can recall Frank O’Hara’s 'Steps' and Allen Ginsberg’s 'America,' and they can recall the dreams you had on Percocet when you got your wisdom teeth pulled. They embrace this corpse-strewn vale of anxiety, with its intermittent blips of joy . . ."

–Michael Robbins