To Leveling Swerve

To Leveling Swerve

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Author: Rodrigo Toscano

Publisher: Krupskaya (2004)

Ideological intention meets ideological surprise in To Leveling Swerve, Rodrigo Toscano's fourth book of poetry. While continuing to develop his overriding concern with poem as radical social interface, To Leveling Swerve extends a notion of poetic diction that is neither exclusively a problematic of aesthetics, nor enjoined to any one culture as interpretive key, running instead as a volatile commingling of the two.

"To Leveling Swerve is exciting, funny, encouraging, and perspicacious without any hint of premature congratulation. What Toscano does here will remain useful: it hasn't been done before and needs to be done more."

–Bob Perelman