Ursula or University

Ursula or University

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Author: Stephanie Young

Publisher: Krupskaya (2013)

"Stephanie Young’s Ursula or University begins, 'I guess it’s too late . . .' and (nearly) ends, 'It can be never for a very, very long time. And then it can be now.' In between, Young hovers and waits, worries and writes, enmeshed in a Bay Area poetry community that, to her, crackles with potential seismic energy she nevertheless fears may forever fail to unleash the earthquake that would justify its pressures and change the topography of power and privilege whose violence mars the utopia she can almost grasp."

–Matt Longabucco

"There are writers who don't split head and heart, and there's at least one who works right in the tension of that tension: Stephanie Young. Look for her new book Ursula or University to take us well away from the split, even as she is pulled into it. The book works with feeling, fact, and militant action and reflection."

–T.C. Marshall