Wet Land

Wet Land

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Author: Lucas de Lima

Publisher: Action Books (2014)

"Lucas de Lima's stunning book affected me so profoundly at all the stages of reading it, encountering it—before it was a book and afterwards, when it was. In the work of this extraordinary writer, the fragment is not an activity of form. It's an activity of evisceration."

–Bhanu Kapil

"These poems lurch from the murky waters of our collective unconscious and side-swipe us with a lyric invocation of the dark forces of . . . what? Nature? History? The alien life- force that drives planetary evolution? A primal being raises itself from the swamp of human consciousness, animated by the archaic and archetypal Sobek, the Egyptian god in crocodile form. The two voices that alternate in this narrative of trauma—the quotidian voice of the poet and a ritual voice of invocation—queer the story in the most profound way. Together with de Lima we call forth the god who will transform the narrative. As queers, we are the incarnation of countless shamans, medicine men, magicians and priests. The poet places himself in this tradition through his invocation."

–AA Bronson