Without End: New and Selected Poems

Without End: New and Selected Poems

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Author: Adam Zagajewski 

Translators: Clare Cavanagh, Benjamin Ivry, and Renata Gorczynski

Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux (2003)

Without End draws from each of Adam Zagajewski's English-language collections, both in and out of print––Tremor, Canvas, and Mysticism for Beginners––and features new work that is among his most refreshing and rewarding. These poems, lucidly translated, share the vocation that allows us, in Zagajewski's words, "to experience astonishment and to stop still in that astonishment for a long moment or two."

"Poems [that] celebrate those rare moments when we catch a glimpse of a world from which all labels have been unpeeled.”

–Charles Simic