You've Got a Pretty Hellmouth

You've Got a Pretty Hellmouth

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Author: Michael Sikkema

Publisher: Trembling Pillow Press (2019)

"Turn your clocks / sideways / to the hour / where / nobody / can get a good clean / shot at you."

–Kenneth Patchen

"In Michael Sikkema’s full-length poetry collection You've Got a Pretty Hellmouth, there are four sections: Time Missing, The Incidents at Flat Mountain, You’ve Got a Pretty Hellmouth, and Up Thrust a Ruckus. These mini collections examine isolation, evolution, violence, and human connection through human-like characters, robots, and items found in nature. They are 'items' because in the world Sikkema created, a crow or an ant are never just thatsometimes nature is programmed and manmade."

–Jennifer MacBain-Stephens