The Poem's Country: Place & Poetic Practice

The Poem's Country: Place & Poetic Practice

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Editors: Shara Lessley and Bruce Snider

Publisher: Pleiades Press (2018)

In twenty-nine innovative essays, The Poem’s Country: Place & Poetic Practice considers how the question of place shapes contemporary poetry. Responding from cities and rural communities across the United States, the contributors of The Poem’s Country thoughtfully and passionately explore issues of politics, personal identity, ecology, the Internet, war, sexuality, faith, and the imagination. Essential reading for students of poetry at every level, The Poem’s Country examines the connection between lyric and geographical constraint, as well as how place challenges, enchants, and helps clarify the intersections between language and the world.

With essays by: Kazim Ali, Nicky Beer, Eavan Boland, Elizabeth Bradfield, Abigail Chabitnoy, Hayan Charara, Katy Didden, Jehanne Dubrow, Keith Ekiss, Rigoberto González, James Allen Hall, Amaud Jamaul Johnson, Janine Joseph, Joan Naviyuk Kane, Christopher Kempf, Nick Lantz, Shara Lessley, Sandra Lim, Sabrina Orah Mark, Shane McCrae, Molly McCully Brown, Philip Metres, Wayne Miller, Craig Santos Perez, Emilia Phillips, Spencer Reece, Bruce Snider, Peter Streckfus, Mark Wunderlich, and Monica Youn.