Broadside by David Meltzer. White page with black text. There is a cream square in the middle of the page with a profile of a face in red on it. Above the face is a square containing words in it.
On the right page there is a poem titled the blackest rose. Black text on white paper.
On the back there is a colored illustration of 2 squares. In each square there is a profile of a face. In the right square there is a speech bubble and above the square there is a snake. The illustration is on a cream square in the middle of the white page and is drawn in the colors red, orange, and purple.
The front and back cover are being shown together with the 2 illustrations on the cream square that were described before. So on the front cover which is on the right there is a face in red with the text above it. On the left is the back cover that has the 2 squares with faces in them.

The Blackest Rose by David Meltzer

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Author: David Meltzer

Publisher: Woodland Pattern Book Center (2008)

Dimensions: 6 x 8.25"