Blue and Red Things (Second Edition)

Blue and Red Things (Second Edition)

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Author: Laura Solomon

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse (2007)

"In her second collection, Blue and Red Things, Laura Solomon discovers what the wizards of the world have always known and hid under large rocks. Solomon bravely takes these things out from under the rocks, displays them for us in her large poetic voice, and begs us to listen to them, lest we forget them altogether. By doing so, she makes of the world little more than a changeling and as beautifully icy and as gloriously conscious of itself as the life it supports. Like ghosts, these poems will reinvent themselves in your soul each time you read them. Like objects from the other world, these blue and red things will help us all re-envision what little we know of life and death. If you miss this book, you will miss something you will need throughout your life and will be forever sorry and never replete."

–Dorothea Lasky