Boris by the Sea

Boris by the Sea

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Author: Matvei Yankelevich

Publisher: Octopus Books (2010)

Matvei Yankelevich's first full-length book, Boris by the Sea, is a work of existential theater that destroys the distance between puppeteer and puppet, between ego and id, between what is real and what is absurd. Consisting of prose, poems, and plays, the book creates its own world and then confronts the loneliness of having to exist within one's own creation. Like Daniil Kharms, Yankelevich has written a children's book for only the bravest of adults.

"Boris is a precarious creature thrown into a world he is ill-suited for — a bit like Monsieur Plume and other relatives. The world was “somewhere inside his skull. And it hurt.” These poems and dramatic sketches, however, delight even when they hurt."

Rosmarie Waldrop