The Bounty: Four Addresses

The Bounty: Four Addresses

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Author: Kate Schapira

Publisher: Noemi Press (2011) 

The Bounty: Four Addresses begins with the assumption that each human has a price on their head—the same price. Rushes and crystallizations of language probe our potential to do harm, or to lose our own minds, or respond to, refuse, erode or affirm the reality of another person. In four sections that move from chance encounters through love and fear to deliberate reflection, this book asks what states or what actions, our own or someone else's, can make any one of us less real than any other.

"In this collection of prose poems, Schapira explores to explosion the very real spaces between the bounty tended and the bounty tendered, between the relationship nurtured and the relationship severed, between the dismembered parts of the incomplete body in a shattering array of brilliance."

–Sandy Florian

"In these meditations on everyday life, Schapira proves the quotidian is really and truly bountiful. So too, is her writing: she is watching accident. She is seeing what she sees, imagining what others see."

–Catherine Daly