Chicago Review 62:04/63:01/02: The Black Arts Movement in Chicago (Summer/Fall 2019)

Chicago Review 62:04/63:01/02: The Black Arts Movement in Chicago (Summer/Fall 2019)

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Editors: Andrew Peart, Eric Powell, and Gerónimo Sarmiento Cruz

Publisher: Chicago Review (2019)

Contributors: avery r. young, Valerie Hsiung,Daniel Woody, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Cole Swensen, Aaron Coleman, Cai Qijiao, Yadollah Royai, Huang Fan, Marguerite L. Harrold, Tyrone Williams, Anthony Reed, Reggie Scott Young, Edward Morin, and Joshua Pollock

Reviews: Tyrone Williams on Dawn Lundy Martin, Harmony Holiday, and Duriel E. Harris, Jose-Luis Moctezuma on Nikki Wallschlaeger, Harris Feinsod on Angela JacksonMarissa Fenley on Manual Cinema, Bo McMillan on Andrew J. Diamond, Brandon Truett on Michael Ondaatje, Maria Dikcis on Evie Shockley, and Kirsten Ihns on Samiya Bashir

“This special feature gathers documents from, and critical assessments of, the history and legacies of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) in Chicago. It makes no pretense to being comprehensive, or even representative, of BAM as a whole. Rather, we hope that it marks a beginning: of further dialogue; of the recovery of important texts and under-recognized figures; of continued celebration of and critical assessment of the richness and importance of BAM in Chicago, nationally, and internationally.”

–from the editors' preface

Visit the BAM Web Companion to read selections from the issue, and to check out various supplementary materials, including photos, videos, and several music playlists.