Paul Metcalf: Collected Works Vol. 3: 1987-1997 (Hardcover)

Paul Metcalf: Collected Works Vol. 3: 1987-1997 (Hardcover)

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Author: Paul Metcalf

Publisher: Coffee House Press (1997)

Coffee House Press is proud to announce the completion of the collected works of Paul Metcalf with the release of Volume III. Critical acclaim has been unanimous in declaring Paul Metcalf a newly rediscovered genius.

Of particular note to Metcalf collectors is the debut of his latest two significant works—Huascarán, a magnificent poetic tribute to the Indians of Peru and The Wonderful White Whale of Kansas, a brilliant essay encompassing a thoughtful look at Melville, The Wizard of Oz, and the concept of home, available exclusively in this collection. Also included are Louis the Toch, Firebird, Golden Delicious, “. . . and nobody objected,” Araminta and the Coyotes, Mountaineers Are Always Free!, Where Do You Put the Horse?, and Three Plays.

Published in limited editions throughout his career by small idealistic presses, Metcalf has nonetheless attracted a loyal following, including such fans as Robert Creeley, William Gass, Wendell Berry, and Guy Davenport. His reevaluation of our history, his exploration of our multiethnic roots, and his ecological concerns make his work especially timely as we near the end of the twentieth century.