Con Alma

Con Alma

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Author: Nathaniel Mackey

Publisher: Green Lantern Press (2018)

Con Alma was printed as part of On Civil Disobedience, a year-long pamphlet series featuring writers from a range of professional backgrounds who contributed works addressing the title topic. The series recalls historical precedents set by Thoreau, Gandhi, King, Arendt, and others while considering the pamphlet’s important role in American revolutionary history. Filtering civic responsibility through the combined awareness of histories and disciplines, we hope these essays will ask how citizenship and resistance intersect within the pledge of democratic ideals. Designed by Dakota Brown, contributors in addition to Mackey include Anonymous (Civil Disobedience at Work), Ravi Agarwal (Environmental Activism), Dakota Brown (Design), Rashayla Marie Brown (Essay), Robin Blaser (Poetry), Romi Crawford (Race and Affect Theory), T Clutch Fleischmann (Essay), Stephen Lapthisophon (Art and Theory), Abhishek Narula (Data Rights), Jennif(f)er Tamayo (Immigration), and Mika Yamamoto (Horror).

This project was produced with support from a Chicago Community Grant. Each essay was commissioned for the occasion, except for Blaser’s text which was reproduced with support from UC Berkeley Press.